Welcome to Rattlesnake Ridge Elementary, where Rangers lead the way, Ooo-Rah!!!

My name is Jamie J. Meek, principal here at the Ridge. The staff and I want to make your educational experience the best that it can be. We are committed to creating a strong foundation in all academic areas as students move forward in their educational career.

One of the key pieces of our school is to prepare our students to be leaders in their classroom, at school, and in their community. In order to do that we need your help. Encourage you child to stretch their imagination, get organized, make friends, play safely, and be good citizens. This falls into our motto of "Rangers lead the way, Ooo-Rah!!!" The “O “stands for Observe Safety, the “R” for Respect Others, and the “A” for Act Responsibly.

When you have concerns about your child’s education here at Rattlesnake Ridge you should always start by contacting your child’s teacher directly. The next person to contact is our Associate Principal Holly O’Daniel. Then feel free to contact me. Tami Terpstra, our school secretary, will set up an appointment for you and get the necessary information. She can be reached at 352-7000.

We at Rattlesnake Ridge welcome you and your family to our community and wish for many great years of service to you.

My name is Tami Terpstra and I am the secretary at Rattlesnake Ridge Elementary. At the front office we have all student information, events that are happening currently and in the future. When Teachers have events going on in their classroom they are asked to get us that information so that we can share the information with parents. We deliver messages to Teachers by phone, email and other members of the Community. If a parent has an issue with a Teacher, we do ask that they try and resolve it with that Teacher prior to talking/meeting with Mr. Meek.

I work very closely with Tracey McCracken, our Attendance Clerk, and Hooly hade, our Health Aide. Our goal at Rattlesnake Ridge is to give a warm welcome when anyone walks in the door! Please let us know if we can improve our service in any way. Feel free to call our office at 352-7000.

My name is Ms. Holly O’Daniel, Associate Principal for Rattlesnake Ridge and Twin Peaks Elementary. I am available at Rattlesnake Ridge every Tuesday and Thursday and I rotate Fridays between the two schools.

Some duties that I am responsible for include:

  • Before and after school tutoring
  • Coordinating extracurricular activities such as Young Rembrandts, Chess Mentors and soccer
  • Discipline – conferences, referrals, detentions
  • Transportation Liaison
  • Principal Designee in Mr. Meek’s absence
  • Teacher and support staff evaluations
  • Scheduling

I am available to assist Mr. Meek, families, students, and staff in any way that I can. If you would like to schedule a meeting with me to talk about one of the areas I am responsible for, or simply provide some feedback, I can be reached at 352-7000 (Rattlesnake Ridge) or 579-4750 (Twin Peaks).

I look forward to working with all of you.

My name is Tracey McCracken and I am the Attendance Clerk at Rattlesnake Ridge Elementary. I document attendance, absences, and tardies for our school. I also enroll your child and report school enrollment numbers to the state.

To report your child’s absences please call 352-7010. Please include student name, teacher, reason for absence, planned date of return, and contact number in the message.

When you speak with anyone in the front office it is our goal to be able to answer any of your questions, address any of your concerns, and alleviate any of your anxieties and fears.

I work closely with Tami Terpstra, our school secretary, and Holly Hade, our Health Aide ensuring that students and parents alike enjoy their experiences here. We welcome any concerns and suggestions.

Many of your questions can be answered by using our “FAQ” section or the “How Do I?” section on our main web page. If you cannot find the answer in either page please feel free to contact me at 352-7000 or email me at t.e.mccracken@maranausd.org.