Welcome to the Rattlsnake Ridge PTO page

We have a very active PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) at Rattlesnake Ridge. We meet the first Thursday of every month for our Board Meetings, which are open to everyone who would like to attend. We use an agenda in a very non- formal atmosphere and try to keep our meetings to 1 hour.

Our PTO website has a calendar of all of our meetings, socials and events, fundraisers, community service projects and contacts. You can visit it at http://rattlesnakeridge.ptomanager.com/index.html. One of the key parts to our website is the volunteer manager. You can volunteer for single events or you can sign up for the email list which selects volunteers on an as needed basis. We are always looking for volunteers!

Many events and socials are planned throughout the year> They are usually free or kept to an affordable price for students and their families. We have also chosen 3 fundraisers for the year (Entertainment Books, Cookie Dough Sales, & a Read-a-Thon). In addition, we have a Fall Carnival, which is shared with Twin Peaks Elementary.

Our goals this year are to raise funds for shade on our playgrounds, add technology to our classrooms, and fund our events, socials, and projects. There are also many community service projects we are involved in.

We are parent run and cannot do it without everyone’s help and support. Please feel free to contact me at 352-7000 with questions or concerns at any time.

Thank you,
Monica Sutton
PTO President