Rattlesnake Ridge Tutoring Program

Rattlesnake Ridge is pleased to offer academic tutoring for the 2007-2008 school year, in Reading, Writing, and Math, to our students. This program is offered free of charge to the families of Rattlesnake Ridge. Students will be admitted through a process of viewing data which may include student grades, student test scores, teacher and family input, and permission from the family.

We try to limit class enrollment sizes to no more than six students at a time. Current research shows that more than six students at a time during a tutoring session decreases the effectiveness of the program.

We presently have thirteen tutors signed up. Since class sizes are relatively small and we have a limited number of tutors, your child may be put on a waiting list until a slot becomes available. Once a slot becomes available we will contact you with times and days so your child may start the program immediately.

If you have questions regarding your child’s participation in this program, please speak with the classroom teacher first or contact Holly O’Daniel, the Tutoring Coordinator, at 352-7000.